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Portfolio of Recent Projects

Create digital experiences that are engaging, functional, pleasing to the eyes, and that connect businesses and organizations to the hearts of their customers..

Dharma Wisdom

Inspirational, educational teachings of the Dharma and other practices in Buddhism.
SunWork Website


Non-profit Solar Energy installer for small footprint homes and non-profit organizations

Campaign For Fossil Free Buildings

Single Page Promotional / Campaign Website

Menlo Spark Website

Menlo Spark

Promotional website to encourage and educate opportunities to reduce and eliminate the carbon footprint of local communities
Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield

Inspirational, Buddhism, educational, instruction with online learning management system
Wild Hope Magazine

Wild Hope Magazine

Nature magazine educational promoting conservation of the planet and its natural inhabitants.
Surf Market Website

Surf Market

Local Community Grocer, E-commerce, promotional,


Nature Product, Educational E-Commerce
California Artisan Cheese Guild

California Artisan Cheese Guild

Educational and Promotional Celebrating the Quality and Diversity of Artisan Cheese Produced in California
California Artisan Cheese Guild

Pazzo Marco Creamery

Local Eatery

Next Steps

  • Introduction / Client Interview
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Proposal / Statement of Work
  • Design Concept and Approval
  • Create and Build
  • Test and Launch